Wednesday, 7 September 2016

12 Trading Mantras from Trading Legend Mark Douglas

Mark Douglas is one of the most important authors of our time. Sadly, he passed away last year. But he wrote several important trading mantras which almost everyone can use in their life. They serve as both educational and inspirational quotes. Take some time to read some of what Mark Douglas wrote, you will be glad you did.

Key Takeaways:

  • A winning trader has the mental skills to realize, understand and utilize the FACT that any particular trade he or she takes has basically a random outcome.
  • By accepting the random nature of trading I can produce consistent results.
  • If you don’t integrate the randomness principle, you will find trading is the most frustrating endeavor you can undertake.

"We will discuss how, as traders, we can apply these points to real-world trading and leverage them when trading the price action strategies that I personally use and teach to my students."

Originally published at 12 Trading Mantras from Trading Legend Mark Douglas

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