Monday, 6 February 2017

How To Stick To One Trading Strategy [The Complete Guide]

During my latest poll, I figured out that one of the top people were facing is not being able to stick to one trading strategy. The temptation of trying the ‘new thing’ in the hope that it will be the road to success is always there. Shiny object syndrome: the tendency for someone to get distracted by new thoughts and ideas, their own and others, and never focus or complete anything. Definitions being given, how do you avoid falling into the shiny object trap?

Key Takeaways:

  • your goal is to execute on something concrete and isn't as vague as Case 1. Good start! That means you understand that trading a specific strategy will provide you with a certain return.
  • My goal is to trade based on a proven strategy and achieve 5% per month because I want to travel the world and continue trading.
  • While a lot of people talk about information overload (and I was one of those people), I recently came across an article that made me rethink.

"If you deviate from your strategy, you're technically not reaching your goal."

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